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  The pages here on this site are:  

  1.  Interesting, general web sites.  (Chess and non-chess.)  

  2.  A list of all my better web sites.  (I have many web sites on the net. This is just a very short list of some of the better sites, and all but one are about {only} chess.) 

  3.  A complete list  of all the annotated chess games available on this site. (Mostly text.) 

  4. A list  of both general reference books, and also all the (major) books that I own on the Grunfeld. 
    (I did this page as a bibliography of the books that I own on the Grunfeld, I ... eventually ... plan on having a list like this for dozens of opening systems. That way, when I do a game, rather than listing five-to-twenty books on the individual web page, I can simply refer you to the correct book list for that opening.)  

  5. Information page  -  Good, general chess information; plus an explanation of the annotation symbols. 

  6. Games list  -  The list of replayable games ... that are available on this website.  

  7. A list of games  of the pages that are contained within my  "old_af-dl"  folder  ...  these pages were transferred here when they closed my old downloads site. (I am in the process of updating these games, there are thousands of pages in here that are currently not linked to any site.) {Added here: June 30th, 2006.}  

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